• This place seems to be really helping my daughter. As a child growing up half of her life in Covid world, she has been sheltered a lot and missed playing with other kids. It’s not been the easiest task to start my daughter at daycare being almost 5, but Brittany comforts my daughter in the morning when she’s emotional about me leaving her and my daughter goes right to Brittany now no problem. All the staff have been really nice and professional and the place is always really clean. My daughter has been going here for about a month now and not one accident or anything negative I can say. I get updates all thru out the day of what my daughter is eating and doing, I really like the classroom setting and learning that is being done. They have a gentleman on staff which is a sense of security in todays world especially. I Read some of the negative reviews below and had to share my opinion so far. Over a month in and no accidents is really big to me and shows the kids are actually being watched and have activities to keep them busy. It’s not been the easiest thing on any end to start a child in daycare that is use to always being with one of the parents and everyone here has been understanding to that.

  • Amy Phillips
    Amy Phillips

    This place is THE BEST daycare!! Your child will learn and develop in this environment quickly. Their curriculum is outstanding. The staff is wonderful! They are very open and honest when it comes to your child. They also love your child as their own! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE Today's Kids 💗. We are blessed God lead us here. Being from out of state we had no idea where to even begin.