Toys That Aid in Early Childhood Development

Play can teach children so much! And while play in general is beneficial to childhood development, there are some toys and activities that you can give your kids that enhance their learning and development while they have fun!

Toys That Aid in Early Childhood Development


Legos and Blocks

Playing with Legos and blocks is an amazing activity for a growing and developing child!

Building something freehand or by a set of plans requires planning, problem-solving, and following directions—these are all critical thinking skills that every child needs to learn and develop. Legos and blocks are an easy way to build these critical thinking skills!




Magtiles are magnetic blocks similar to Legos. While they are very fun, they also teach kids about science in a hands-on way.

They encourage problem-solving, planning, and engineering skills when it comes to these blocks and what they can be used to build.


There are many toys out there that encourage problem-solving, and puzzles are a great one of these toys.

Puzzles require kids to slow down, assess the puzzle and all of the available pieces, and make an educated decision based on the assessment.

A puzzle is also great because it has a clear, finished outcome that comes with a satisfying sense of accomplishment.


Play Kitchen and House

A kids’ play kitchen and house can be incredibly fun for them as they reenact life around them and practice the foundational elements of family life, responsibility, and creativity.

Kids learn about getting along as a family and taking on family responsibilities as they play out different family roles of parents and children. They are also able to practice creativity as they “cook” meals for their pretend family.


Playdoh is an amazing developmental toy!

Playdoh inspires creativity and imagination when creating different objects and characters. Working with playdoh gives a child plenty of practice to hone their fine motor skills, whether they are freehand designing or using molds and stamps.


These are some of our favorite toys and activities that aid in early childhood development! What are some of your favorites?