What Defines Quality Childcare?

What defines quality childcare? Depending on who you ask, you could get a myriad of answers. But there are a few common themes that will continue to show themselves in these various answers, and these are the main things that define what quality childcare actually looks like.

What Defines Quality Childcare?

  • Highly Skilled Staff

Experienced caregivers and teachers in a childcare center are one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about what quality childcare is. Having a highly-skilled, qualified, and experienced staff means that a childcare center is going to be able to provide excellent care and education for the children in the center. 

  • Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes with the correct or high adult-to-child ratios ensure that teachers are able to give more than enough individual attention to each child. One of the concerns for parents is that bigger class sizes means less individual attention to each student as teachers do their best to meet the needs of so many kids. When teacher-to-child ratios are correct or when there are more teachers than the minimum required, there are more opportunities for nurturing, growth, and development for the children in their class.

  • Age-Appropriate Educational Setting

Quality childcare also means intentionally creating age-appropriate educational spaces. This could be lesson plans and curricula, educational toys and play areas, or arts, crafts, and games designed to challenge and teach new skills.

Children should grow and thrive in their environment, and a quality childcare center provides a place for them to do that.

  • Nurturing Interactions Between Staff and Children

Not only should staff be experienced and skilled in a quality childcare setting, but they should provide an element of nurturing and genuine care. Very little compares to when, as a parent, you drop your child off and you see the love and joy in both your child’s and their caregiver’s eyes when they see each other. Knowing that there is a loving staff ready to care for and teach your child will set any childcare center apart as a high-quality daycare center.

These are four of the main elements that define what quality childcare is. What are the things that you think of that make up quality childcare?